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New Volunteers Needed for Caldwell Halls Management Committee


The Caldwell Halls have played an important role in the village life of Torrance over the years and when threatened with closure in 2010 a group of local people came together to form a voluntary association, the Caldwell Halls Trust, to retain the facility for community benefit.

The halls provide an important and affordable venue for local groups such as pre fives, cubs, brownies, woman’s institute, badminton group and support groups as well as for social gatherings and kids parties.

The main focus of the Trust is to manage and maintain the hall, co-ordinate lets, market the facility and plan improvements. We have had some success in securing funds to help improvements such as replacement of windows and doors and internal decoration.

We as a group feel we have fulfilled our remit to retain the halls for the community and generally have done a good job. Financially we have a reserve, which is important to ensuring the viability of the halls under community ownership.

We are, however, at a very difficult stage due to the lack of volunteers willing to help with the management committee of the Trust. In the last year, 4 of our committee members have resigned. This in itself is not a problem as we only intended to serve 3 year terms. The difficulty, however, has been in recruiting new volunteers and with only 4 remaining members of the committee, the halls are likely to have to close in the next year if we can’t fill these roles.

We employ part time staff to assist the upkeep and running of the hall, including a cleaner, grass cutter and book keeper. We will possibly be looking for a sessional staff member to help open and close the hall for lets. This is important as it helps us as volunteers to run the hall. Our priority is for more volunteers to become involved in the management committee. The commitment we would be looking for would be for people to serve a minimum of one year and to participate in our monthly meetings (3rd Monday of the month). We are all volunteers with other commitments and we understand you might not be able to attend all meetings. In return you will have the opportunity in helping to run the halls and to retain this important community facility as a vital part of village life.

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact me on 01360 620362.

 Thanks, Stephen Horsburgh

Secretary   Caldwell Halls Trust