Bookings and Charges

Caldwell Halls - SCALE OF CHARGES (PER HOUR) 2010/2011



Class A – Commercial Lets                      Class B – Non-Commercial Lets                       Class C – Concessionary Lets

Caldwell Main Hall                  
A                       B                              C 
£30                 £15                            £5

Caldwell Halls, Upstairs Area   
A                       B                              C  
£15                  £8                         £3.50

The following is a quick guide to booking conditions.  Please ensure you read the full list of conditions in the  Booking Form,  at the bottom of this page  (Caldwell-Halls-rental-Oct-2013-WEB.doc)  before you make your booking.  

For additional information or assistance , please contact any of the committee members on the contact us page, or drop into the halls to consult the Bookings Diary or phone on 0776  1812243.
There are a number of regular users whose normal slots are shown in the Existing Let Times Spreadsheet.  
Applicants shall complete the Hall Let application form giving full particulars of the purpose for which the hall is to be used and the proposed hours of use and send this to the Caldwell Halls Trust.  Applications for let will only be accepted from persons 18 years of age and over.  The lessee agrees to pay the charges as directed by the Trust.  The Trust reserves the right to impose any special charges, or vary conditions, or increase charges at their absolute discretion.  The hirer will be severally liable for the let.
The Trust reserve the right to refuse any application or to cancel any application granted in any circumstances whatsoever, without incurring thereby, any liability to the applicants for any loss or pecuniary damages arising from such refusal.
Parties hiring the hall shall not be entitled to sublet the premises or change the purpose for which it is hired without the consent of The Trust.
There are three classes of booking as shown below, there are different hourly costs for each type of booking, please refer to the booking form for full details.  

Class A              Commercial Rental                     

This is when the hall is rented to a group, organisation or association that has obvious financial profit making intentions, for example, commercial sales, dancing classes, weight watchers, yoga classes, etc.              

               Payment for this type of rental is to be paid in full prior to the event. (Reductions for regular bookings)


Class B            Non Commercial Rental 

This is when we rent the hall to a group, organisation or association which is non-profit making, for a private function such as dances or  other  fund-raising events.            

               Payment for this type of rental is to be paid in full prior to the event.


            Class C         Concessionary Rental                      

This is when we rent the Hall to a group, organisation, or association which has charitable status, is non-profit making or is of benefit to the local community. 

              Groups must have prior written agreement with The Trust that they are in this category. 

              Variations to standard hours by agreement.                    No concessions are available at weekends.                            

             Payment for this type of rental is to be paid monthly in advance.             
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19 May 2017, 12:22