About Us

The Caldwell Halls Trust  have been running the Caldwell Halls since 17 December 2010.

We are running your hall for your benefit, please come along and use it or help us run it.

Our Constitution states that is has to be run for the benefit of the community in Torrance and the surrounding area. 


In 2010 East Dunbartonshire Council intended to close The Caldwell Halls in a bid to reduce expenditure. 

At a public meeting held on 12th May 2010 a group of people came forward with a view to keeping the Caldwell Halls  open under a community management.

The group consists of eight members of the local community who come from different backgrounds and who bring with them a wealth of experience.  Our priority is to ensure that, along with all possible assistance from EDC, this changeover goes ahead with no disruption to those user groups currently using the halls on a serial let basis and that they will feel confident in continuing to book their lets without fear that the halls will close.

Longer term our aim is to promote the halls to other groups and the wider community and make it more accessible for serial lets and ad hoc users.

We are confident that the changeover to community management will be successful and of great benefit to the community.

We held a Public Meeting in the Halls on Monday 1st November. The meeting was  well attended by many local people.   At this meeting we gave updates on our progress so far and presented The Caldwell Halls Trust Constitution to those present.   From this point onwards we shall be known by the name,  Caldwell Halls Trust.  

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